Cedar Counselling

“To move through life without the stigma of mental health.”

Cedar Counselling was officially founded in 2011 by three therapists whose main aim was to bridge the gap between statutory and private services.

What is Cedar Counselling?

Cedar Counselling is a mental health charity that offers counselling to people of varying emotional and psychological difficulties.

Some patients waiting for treatment on the NHS can have to wait up to a year to access these services, and so Cedar Counselling wanted to offer an alternative way for people to receive treatment quickly, and get the help they need sooner.  Whilst they do offer a fee for their service, this is based on an individual’s financial situation, and can range from between £15-£40 per session. Cedar Counselling will make a joint decision with its clients about how much will be paid.

Based at their own premises, they have a team of 40 counsellors who provide a range of services, and can work with clients from the age of 14 onwards. Their therapists are all fully qualified with UKCP/BACP/BPS registration, or in advanced training on accredited courses. They have many links with other local statutory services and are on a list of counselling organisations that is also used to sign post clients to.  Most statutory services will only see clients for a course of around 8 weeks – Cedar Counselling offers as many sessions as needed, for as long as they are needed, and aim to work with their clients on every step of their journey.

Due to increased funding cuts, Cedar Counselling has noticed a marked increase in the need for its services, and they wish to be able to carry on being able to provide people with the help they need. They have particularly noticed a demand for their services from young people, and so wish to increase their access to this service particularly.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 will enable Cedar Counselling to be able to offer 12 Young Adults a course of 8 free therapy sessions each – that’s a total of 96 sessions in all! They will also be able to improve on their literature and marketing materials, which will help to increase awareness of their services with other local organisations.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Cedar Counselling?

Lisa Smith, Counselling Coordinator

Tel: 0121 605 9260

Email: admin@cedarcounselling.org.uk

You can find out more about Cedar Counselling via their websiteYou can also follow Cedar Counselling on Facebook and Twitter.

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