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Raj Holness founded Breaking the Silence in 2010 after she broke free from her own family after suffering years of abuse. For 9 years prior to 2010, Raj had mentored and helped other Women who were in the same situation.

What is Breaking the Silence?

Breaking the Silence (BTSUK) has been set up to help raise awareness of the issues around domestic abuse, forced marriages, and human trafficking. Raj herself has had first hand experience of this abuse since the age of 6 years old, and was led to believe it was a normal part of her Culture. BTSUK has in the last 3 years created a training tool to help raise awareness of the issues mentioned and has hosted events to help celebrate with Survivors.
Breaking the Silence wants to promote that there is a support network available to all Women who are suffering abuse, and that they can break free without being alone. BTSUK wants to help Women move from being Victims to Victors, and consequently support them with the tools to help them lead a successful life away from the cycle of abuse.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The money would go towards delivering and developing our “Building from Broken pieces” project – a 6 month programme for survivors of Domestic Abuse, Forced Marriages, and Human Trafficking. The programme will be delivered in the form of drama therapy, discussion forums, counselling sessions, and other therapies. These therapies will help the Women to deal with the experiences they have encountered, and help them to develop their confidence to be able to move forward successfully with their lives. The Women are supported every step by qualified Staff and Counsellors. At the end of the programme, an “Evening of Honour” will be hosted for the Women to help celebrate the achievements they have made despite the traumas they have been through. The Women will be encouraged to share their experiences – Breaking the Silence – which will in turn offer encouragement to others. During the evening, the Women will also receive a goody bag and certificate for completing the programme. Not only will this event help the Women, but it will raise awareness within the Wider Community. BTSUK have also finally managed to secure a premises to be based from where the Women can go and feel safe, the funding will also go towards these costs.

Where can people go to find out more about Breaking the Silence?

For more information about Breaking the Silence, please contact: Raj Holness, Director/ Founder of BTSUK.
Tel: 0121 285 2277
Breaking the Silence is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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