Midland Freewheelers (AKA Blood Bikes)

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Blood Bikes is a Charity that was started in 2010 by a group of friends who were also keen motorcyclists.
​They saw the opportunity to ​provide a free out of hours service to the NHS, delivering emergency blood for transfusions etc, meaning saved funding could be diverted back to NHS patient care.

What is Blood Bikes?

Blood Bikes is a 100% voluntary service that offers help to the NHS – they can literally be the difference between life and death. Over the years, Blood Bikes have evolved from transporting blood and blood products to incorporate plasma for cancer patients, notes, samples medicines and donated breast milk for premature babies. As they are on motorbikes, they are able to get through traffic quicker, and deliver the products to Hospitals quicker.
Blood Bikes have approximately 60 members, 35 of which are active riders, but everyone gets involved in fundraising and co­ordinating for the Charity. Everybody who volunteers for Blood Bikes gives their time for free, and fits this in alongside their normal work life.
They are currently working with Midland Air Ambulance for a 3 year clinical trial which sees them delivering blood products to Midland Air Ambulance 3 evenings a week. They are also working alongside the Birmingham Women’s Hospital to deliver Breast Milk to premature babies, and without Blood Bikes, this project would cease to exist, leaving Premature Babies vulnerable.
The numbers of people helped so far by Blood Bikes is immeasurable. From road traffic victims to cancer patients to premature babies- all have been helped in some way by the fantastic service offered by Blood Bikes.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Blood Bikes receive no government or NHS funding. All of their funds are donated, or raised by members fundraising. 100% of funds go to running the vehicles. Fuel, servicing, tyres etc. If Blood Bikes were to be successful with winning the funding, it would mean that they could continue to deliver their out of hours service to the NHS without worrying about funding for maintaining the vehicles!

Where can people go to find out more about Blood Bikes?

For more information about Blood Bikes, please contact:

Lorraine Gough, Chairman.

Tel: 07905 056 775.  Email: junior6@virginmedia.com
You can find out more about Blood Bikes by visiting their Website.

Blood Bikes is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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