Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadet Corps

‘What this place gives them is opportunities they would not normally get’.

Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadet Corps aims to equip young people with life skills and transform them into confident, resilient young people, who are able to thrive in whatever they want to do when they leave school.

What is Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadets Corps?

TS Stirling started over 75 years ago in Lea Hall, Birmingham and moved to their current location in Shard End in 1969, where they have been ever since. The unit is run completely by volunteers, some from a naval background, and many not.

Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadet Corps promote the maritime history of Great Britain and train young cadets in youth development and lifelong learning. They aim to provide opportunities which develop the life skills of young people and grow their confidence, allowing them to achieve once they leave school and in their later life. They provide cadets with a recognised qualification which is transferable to any future career. Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadet Corps is very different from school in that learning is done through activities – on water, on land and in the unit.

The young cadets are aged 10-18 years olds. Many come from disadvantaged backgrounds and so rely on the organisation for financial support in order to participate in activities and opportunities.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The cadets benefit from regular training weekends where they stay overnight but the current facilities need renovating and making suitable for use. This also provides a space for the cadets to keep and manage for the benefit of themselves, giving them valuable life skills.

The funding from LoveBrum will cover the cost of re-painting, and new flooring for the cadet messes, as well as refurbishing shower and toilet areas.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadets Corps?

Tony Stephens, Chair Person

Tel: 0121 748 6417


Find out more about Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadets Corps via their website. You can also follow Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadets Corps on Facebook.

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