Birmingham Pound

A local currency communicating how purchasing locally can generate more local income and keep money in the “real” economy, that benefits local people. Every Birmingham Pound spent will benefit another Birmingham Local and not be part of the sterling that gets lost to larger national and multinational corporations.

What is the Birmingham Pound?

The long-term goal is to create a useable, sustainable local currency that can be used city wide and will strengthen a local economy and build Birmingham’s inclusive identity. Initially, as a group, they aim to conduct some business analysis, stakeholder consultation and financial evidencing as widely across the city as possible. To investigate the reach and potential of the currency with some staff time and visits/study trips. Birmingham Pound will approach businesses as widely as possible to survey and gauge interest in the venture. After the fact-finding stages, the group’s next steps are to move on to establishing the legal, financial and managing bodies.

Any resident or independent business in Birmingham can be involved.

If successful what are you going to use your LoveBrum funding for?

The money will be used on paid time for further business engagement and feasibility studies. A trip down to Bristol Pound headquarters, to complete a one-day workshop to help us figure out some of the finer details and processes. We will also like to commit some time to our development of the project by investigating and applying to more funding streams.

This includes:
– Van hire and fuel £200
– Full day training with team from Bristol Pound £300
– Costing analysis and business planning £300
– Further funding investigation and applications £300
– Promotion, marketing and outreach £300
– Business engagement in chosen areas, including sourcing and contacting suppliers and businesses to gain committed members to signing up to the scheme £600

To find out more about the Birmingham Pound, you can visit their site:

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