Birmingham Greyhound Protection

Birmingham Greyhound Protection was set up by its founder, Kerry, after years of rehoming greyhounds and seeing that there was a big gap, a need to help greyhounds that were not lucky enough to be put into the mainstream greyhound rescues.

What is Birmingham Greyhound Protection?

The greyhound industry produces thousands of dogs a year. Many of these dogs are discarded before their racing careers even, begin but those that do go into racing are often discarded before they are four years old.

There are only so many mainstream rescues with limited places available. Birmingham Greyhound Protection pick up as many of the greyhounds that fall through the mainstream rescues as possible. These dogs are often in very poor condition both physically and mentally when they arrive at the Protection.

Birmingham Greyhound Protection receives no funding and relies solely on donations and its supporters to keep the Protection open. All the greyhounds that they rescue are given medical treatment, and very often will need dental work, spaying, neutering and blood work doing.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

As mentioned previously, Birmingham Greyhound Protection receives no funding and relies 100% solely on support from its volunteers through donations and fundraising to help keep the Protection going. If they were to win the funding, they would put the £2000 towards its ever increasing veterinary bills. This would take a pressure off of Birmingham Greyhound Protection, and mean they can continue to rescue as many greyhounds as possible.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Birmingham Greyhound Protection?

Kerry Elliman, Founder

Tel: 07773 943 242


You can find out more about Birmingham Greyhound Protection by visiting their website. Birmingham Greyhound Protection is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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