Birmingham Centre For Arts Therapies

The Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (BCAT) is an innovative charity founded in 1993, with the promise of providing an accessible arts therapy service throughout the Midlands.

What is Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies?

Art therapists work with both adults and children who have a wide range of needs such as those arising from emotional, behavioural, or mental health problems, as well as the effects of stress and trauma. BCAT allows the chance for people to explore these difficulties, no matter what they are, in a safe environment with a registered therapist who is trained to offer support and encouragement.

As well as in-house referrals, BCAT also offers an outreach programme. This outreach programme sees volunteers with professional art qualifications reaching out to the local community and delivering therapeutic art sessions.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

BCAT would like to offer free art, drama, music and dance sessions at their base in Highgate for children of the surrounding area to attend, culminating with an end of term performance that all of the community can see. Some of these children will have never been to the theatre or a concert, and the organisation would like to open up the world of arts for youngsters who may not necessarily have a way into this world otherwise.

By providing this service, BCAT will help to give local children the opportunity to develop their confidence, as well as help improve their physical and mental health. The children will have something to aim for, with the chance to make new friends, and break down community barriers. Each child will also be given their own T-shirt to wear, to provide them with a sense of inclusion and value. The children will be able to come and join in for a few hours each week, and just have fun!

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies?

Richard Mole, Project Manager

Tel: 0121 440 8273


You can find out more about Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies via their website. You can also follow Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies on Facebook and Twitter.

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