BID Services

“We set up activities for the Deaf Community, specifically for the Elders

Loneliness and isolation affect many people within the older Deaf community and within mainstream services, there is an inherent lack of accessible information, support, services and leisure activities which cater to Deaf older adults in Birmingham, so BID Services try to eliminate this.

What is BID Services?

BID Services deliver specialist services and activities designed specifically around the needs of Deaf older adults in and around Birmingham. Covid has had a huge impact on this community, and also forced them to put on hold and adapt some of the services previously delivered for Deaf older adults in Birmingham. 

Now that we are hopefully starting to see a way through COVID, BID services are seeking support to help get their face to face activities back up and running, and to further develop their fun range of activities and support services, taking forward learning and developments during the pandemic to create a responsive, flexible provision which meets the needs of Deaf elders in Birmingham. The impact of the Deaf Elders Services is different for each individual that joins them, however, the key outcomes they see through these activities and support services are: 

1.Reduced isolation through increased access to social opportunities 

2.Increased confidence, self-esteem, motivation and sense of belonging 

3.Improved emotional and physical wellbeing 

4.Increased choice through having a range of activities and services to take part in

5.Increased independence 

6.Development of new skills (e.g. digital skills) and interests 

7.Improved access to information and support 


BID Services  support around 45+ Deaf older adults  on a regular basis and more join on an ad hoc basis.  Nearly all of those they  support are BSL users although the services are open to any older adults who are Deaf or hard of hearing. 

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would be used to fund Activities and Workshops for the Older Deaf Community, bringing them a sense of community and reduced feelings of Isolation.


 Where can people go to find out more about BID Services?


Anton Binaoro, Marketing Officer



 Facebook: @bidsv




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