Better Pathways

“To build their confidence and Self esteem and really get them

on that path to recovery”


Better Pathways is a charity promoting positive mental health through employment programmes and social enterprise. They work with Older Adults service users and help them gain the confidence and skills to either enter or remain in paid employment whilst managing their mental health.


What is Better pathways?

Better Pathways are working with Older Adults 55+,  who are experiencing mental health challenges after life events such as redundancy. 

They know well that lack of work is a major burden for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities, and so helping Older Adults  with opportunities through work and activity has remained their mission. 

This is done through the Express signs programme, and this will aim to help with their self esteem and enable them to gain new skills such as digital marketing and customer service, whilst having their wellbeing carefully monitored in a safe environment.  Quite often, this group of people have built an identity around work and are now facing their older years in fear of social exclusion. 

Express Signs are specialists in the production and design of interior and exterior signage and are unique in the way they work with Older people who experience poor mental health and learning difficulties.

This project aims to offer a safe, commercial environment in which they can thrive.

Better Pathways aims to build a sustainable social enterprise which will benefit 100 people each year through work, whilst making sure that some of the most vulnerable and Isolated in our community are being supported, and more importantly, being taught new skills.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would be used to upgrade and provide more equipment for the programme, meaning more Older Adults can be supported.


 Where can people go to find out more about Better Pathways?

George Brown–  Business Development Manager



 Facebook/ Twitter: @BetterPathways





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