Beechcroft Walking Football

Beechcroft was originally known as Hall Green Church Tennis Club and was founded in 1938 when local resident, Miss Lane, donated the land which the club stands on by the Church Of The Ascension in Hall Green. It was gifted on the provision that tennis was always to be played there, promoting health and sport in the community.

Unfortunately after 75 years of history Beechcroft Tennis Club went into decline. Dwindling membership, dilapidated facilities and a decline in tennis popularity, brought the club to near closure. Not wanting to see this happen, Beechcroft have worked tirelessly to look for funding grants to help secure its future.

In 2015 the re-named Beechcroft Tennis and Multi Sports Community Club offers a base for not only tennis, but touch-tennis, football, hockey, netball, walking football and table tennis. From mini tennis for under 6 year olds, to walking football for the over 40s, the club really has become a multi generational sports and social venue with a bright future.

Beechcroft offers sports facilities to a wide range of community groups including local schools, disability groups, sports teams, scout groups and youth clubs who would benefit from year round access to the club. Hall Green has a population of 28 thousand people and Beechcroft is the only community sports venue in the area.

What is Beechcroft Walking Football?

The aim of Walking Football is to get the over 40s either into football or back after absence or injury. Walking Football is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful game whilst reducing the chance of injury. Despite the name, the sport is no walk in the park, a game as mental as it is physical and stifling the urge to run is an early challenge.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The biggest problem at Beechcroft is the quality of the walking football equipment provided to the community and the lack of First Aid.

Although previously awarded grants, all funds have been spent on the facilities, leaving no money for their depreciating sports equipment and increasing need for up to date health equipment.

Community groups require safe and good quality equipment and because of the nature of walking football, the club will need a variation of new equipment including different sizes and weights of walking footballs, walking football sized posts, cones, goal keeping gloves and different sizes of bibs for all users.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Beechcroft Walking Football?

Tel: 0121 796 1330


You can find out more about Beechcroft Walking Football on their website. You can also follow Beechcroft Walking Football on Facebook and Twitter.

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