Baby Ava’s Support Foundation

Richard and Adele Atkinson founded Baby Ava’s Support Foundation in 2014 following a very personal tragedy. Their daughter, Ava, was born on the 26th May 2014 at The Alexandra Hospital Redditch. She was born prematurely and was quickly moved to the neonatal unit to be put on a ventilator to help her breathe. After many tests and a brain scan, it was found that Ava was unable to breathe on her own, her heart rate and blood pressure couldn’t be stabilised and it was found she had suffered a bleed on the brain. Hours later, Ava’s condition had not improved. Tragically, due to the severity of her health issues, Richard and Adele had to make the most devastating decision to withdraw treatment.

Whilst at the hospital they were given a keepsake box, which enabled them to keep precious memories of Ava which they were able to look at and cherish. This brought comfort to the family, so much so that they we have decided to put together their own memory boxes for other parents suffering the loss of a child.

What is Baby Ava’s Support Foundation?

Baby Ava’s Support Foundation raises money to supply memory boxes for mother and fathers across Birmingham, and beyond, following  a neonatal death. Each beautiful keepsake box is personally hand made and given in hope that these boxes will be looked at for years to come. They also wish to supply neonatal equipment that isn’t available through the NHS due to limited funding to units throughout the UK. These items include Cuddle Cots, which give parents extra time will their baby.

Their work is only possible due to the generosity of the public and all the money they receive is through donations. Baby Ava’s Support Foundation continually need support to ensure that their keepsake boxes can continue being delivered to those who need them. They hold various annual events such as cycling, running, live auctions and white collar boxing.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The incredibly difficult aspect for each parent, after giving their last goodbyes, is holding onto their very short time of memories. The boxes provided by the foundation are there to enable each parent to remember their little ones for years to come. The £2,000 from LoveBrum will provide 50 keepsake boxes to families in Birmingham.

Each box contains:

  • A hand and foot print cast kit which can create a mould of the child’s hand and foot
  • An angel candle, which can be lit every year on the child’s birthday
  • Forget Me Not seeds that, once planted, will flower every year
  • 2 identical teddies – one to remain with the child and the other with the parents
  • A keepsake bag for a lock of the baby’s hair
  • A star on a chain for the mother to wear (this was added to the box after Richard and Adele told their son that his sister was a big star in the sky)
  • ‘In the hands of angels’ key ring
  • 2 blankets – one a fleece and the other hand knitted

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Baby Ava’s Support Foundation?

Tel: 01527 359 600


You can find out more about Baby Ava’s Support Foundation via their website. You can also follow Baby Ava’s Support Foundation on Facebook and Twitter.

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