Baby Aid Birmingham

“No Child is to blame for the circumstances that they are in


Baby Aid Birmingham supports families across Birmingham with children 5 and under, by delivering essential items like clothes, toiletries, and baby food to provide a lifeline for those at risk or in crisis.  With existing poverty and deprivation affecting many people in Birmingham already, and existing pressure on local food banks, the Covid-19 pandemic made things increasingly difficult for parents to provide for their young children.



What is Baby Aid Birmingham?

Founded in March 2020, Baby Aid Birmingham initially started operating as Brum Baby Bank.  Sensing a spike in child poverty, local residents Nicky Brennan and David Barker set about creating a baby bank to fill this gap before the problem grew any further.

From its first few weeks operating out of Nicky’s house and reliant solely on individual donations, Baby Aid Birmingham has grown month on month, moved into its own premises and now has a dedicated team of volunteers.

Whilst the creation of Baby Aid Birmingham was prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, the need to support families with young children on a low income or in crisis existed before Covid-19 and will sadly continue after.  Baby Aid Birmingham has helped an average of 250 children a month since its start last March, and a usual pack to help Families in need could include nappies, clothes and toiletries. In addition to their core supportive work, they were able to provide new shoe vouchers for children first starting school, as well as Christmas gifts for 200 children in 2020. 

Living in crisis and poverty is exhausting, so having just one bit of relief from that can make all the difference to their lives, to their futures, and especially to their mental health. Baby Aid Birmingham’s  mission is to provide dignity to families, giving them a hand up and not a hand out.


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 will help a hundred families struggling the most.  They would be able to provide 100 packs, made up of essentials like nappies, books, food, and toiletries, to children living in poverty – and they could also supply 20 new baby packs, made up of Moses baskets with new mattresses, blankets and all the other essentials families need when the baby is first born. 


Where can people go to find out more about Baby Aid Birmingham?


  Facebook: @BabyAidBrum

  Twitter:  @BabyAidBrum

  Instagram:  babyaidbrum


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