Avian Angels

“Rehome and rehabilitate parrots ”


Avian Angels are an Animal rescue based in Quinton, who take in unwanted birds and rehome them into loving homes .


Who are Avian Angels?

Avian Angels is a not for profit Animal Shelter that is specifically there to help rehome unwanted, neglected, or poorly birds – unfortunately, the rescue receives lots of birds each week.   Some are extremely poorly and need a lot of veterinary treatment, which then has to be funded by Avian Angels.

Avian Angels rehome these beautiful birds into loving homes and support ex owners and people that are fostering the birds too –  they also give advice to many people who are bird owners themselves in need of guidance.

The cost of living crisis is having an unprecedented affect at the moment, and unfortunately, Avian Angels has seen a rise in its numbers as people cannot afford their pet bills – Avian Angels will rescue these poorly or neglected birds from all over the UK to bring them into a place of care and love, and are in desperate need of funding to purchase a van for the rescue so that they can help more birds in need, as so many are being dumped unfortunately.


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would go towards purchasing a van and vet bills so Avian Angels can continue rescuing unwanted birds.


Where can people go to find out more about Avian Angels? 

Michelle Brown, Founder

Email: avianangels2020@gmail.com


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