Over 55’s Community Dance Class

The Over 55’s Community Dance Class is a group of older adults between the ages of 60- 80 from the deprived areas of Newton and Aston. The class aims to improve their overall fitness and health as well as battle social isolation, a challenge that many elderly people face.

What is Over 55’s Community Dance Class?

The group was founded by local community dance instructor, Victoria Drew, a professional performer who brings her experience and passion for dance together to provide elderly people with a safe place to explore the joys of music and dance. The dance class was originally part of Birmingham Settlement’s Aging Well Project but when funding ran out after the 8-week pilot, Victoria was determined to keep the class going and came to LoveBrum for help.

Dance students found that the class helped improve their stamina, balance, and movement coordination skills. One service user said that she felt she could leave her troubles at the door when she came to the dance class and just enjoy the music.

Victoria has 12 years of dance instructing experience and teaches all types of dances class across Birmingham in schools and community centres but her true passion is bringing dance to the elderly. She hopes that this new class will bring people from different parts of the community together and help encourage social integration as well as combatting social isolation.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 would help bring the Over 55’s Community Dance Class back to the Aston and Newton community. It would cover 30 weeks of dance lessons, along with venue hire.

Victoria would also like to hold an end of term performance to help give her students something to work towards, as well as show people that the elderly still have plenty to give and know how to get down and boogie!

Where can people go to find out more about Over 55’s Community Dance Class?

Victoria Drew, Community Dance Instructor

Email: tori_drew@hotmail.com

Tel: 07816 506 723

You can also follow Over 55’s Community Dance Class on Facebook and Twitter.

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