07 Jun 2018

Bull Run Diez is ‘a coming!

By Ashleigh Mills

Right now, Birmingham is the place to be. There is a multitude of things going on in the ever-growing city, and things are getting bigger and better. Bull Run Brum founders B.D. Dalton and John Griffiths want to make their 10th anniversary something to shout about, helping to organise Birmingham’s Biggest Business Charity Pub Crawl to date.

Entrepreneur, author and investor, B.D, reminisces on the origins of the Bull Run when it all started 10 years ago. “I’m an American with my feet firmly planted in Brum, I consider myself to be a Brummie. The Bull Run was born when I wanted to bring together my love for networking, business and celebrating our great position as a world leader in so many sectors and having loads of fun doing it! Each year after the inaugural event, it’s grown, bringing together more great people and
connecting the businesses of Brum”.

This year, the Bull Run Founders have joined forces with LoveBrum to ramp things up and raise a Bull Run record-breaking £10,000. “Going for £10,000 for LoveBrum this year would be awesome,” says John from Gritt and Co. “Every year we get better and better, usually bringing out 180 business people, clients, and friends and family. We’re so pleased to collaborate with LoveBrum this year. They are an incredible charity, focusing on unearthing hidden gem projects that often go unrecognised with lack of funding and supporting local causes making Birmingham even better.”

Participants and Runners have the chance to raise money for an incredible charity, contribute positively to the city, support local businesses, whilst networking, meeting great people and having lots of fun (and possibly take part in a libation or two!) In previous year, thousands of pounds have been raised for the fantastic charity, Caudwell Children, a charity that helps disabled children get the help they need, acting as a safety net for families who are unable to get the required support. Last year, the Bull Run raised around £5,000 for the cause.

“The reason the pub crawl concept works so well, is that it actively encourages our runners to engage with new people, which beats standing in a corner, drinking alone watching all the fun happening around you! The atmosphere alone helps get people moving. You build new business relationships naturally, in a relaxed environment whilst raising money and awareness for a great cause” B.D. states.

There really is no place like Brum. We have the finest calibre of entrepreneurs, business owners and networkers here. It’s amazing to maximise on this and bring all these individuals together. The Brummie spirit is like to other, and the atmosphere is second to none.

So, are you ready to start running? 5th July, 5:00 pm onward… We’ll see you there!

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