24 Oct 2020

LoveBrum’s Photography Competition: ‘Brum Through Our Eyes’ – WINNERS

By Holly Moulton

Congratulations to our 12 winners!

With over 60+ submissions, we are so happy to announce the 12 winners who will have their very own featured page in LoveBrum’s 2021 calendar!

LoveBrum’s 2021 calendar will be available to purchase in November, and will be sold in aid of our campaign, #OneBrum, providing support and funding to projects and small charities across our beloved Brum through this pandemic.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our photography competition, ‘Brum Through Our Eyes’. Your support has been wonderful and thank you so much for sharing your work. Also, shout out to our fantastic Judges, Verity Milligan, Kris Askey, Jas Sansi and Tam Bernard who volunteered their time to help choose our winners.

P.S – Here at LoveBrum HQ, we were so blown away by the entries and support for this years competition, that we have decided to feature a montage of all submitted photos on both our front and back cover! Our team will be in touch this week to confirm with all those who entered.

Please note: These photo’s have been submitted to LoveBrum’s Competition ‘Brum Through Our Eyes’. For usage, you must seek the permission from both LoveBrum and the owner.

Our winning 12…

Damien W

“A beautiful use of reflection, in a beautiful part of town.”


Ben M

“Very contemporary shot of Brum soaring up. Demonstrates a person who explores their city. Great use of colour to emphasise the dramatic nature of the image.”


Bobbie S

“It’s hard to take an original photo of the Ikon Gallery, but this fits the bill. It’s an iconic building for good reason, and it’s red brick features are always a lure for a photographer. The novelty of capturing the architecture reflected in one of the other nearby buildings is enhanced by the moody lightning and editing. Recognisable but different at the same time.”


James L

“A great balance of dark and light, very dramatic.”


Martyn H

“Very moody, edgy shot of the city. Lots of drama. Cinematic.”


Oona M

“I think this is a generally nice image. I don’t think I’ve seen Cathedral park from this view before so it was refreshing to see, and also the light is perfect for showing off the cathedral and surrounding area.”


Sam P

“Although they are a relatively new (re)addition to Birmingham, it’s now difficult to imagine the city without trams running through the heart of it. They’ve become a firm favourite of photographers in the city and this is a great example of why that is. I like the low angle in this shot which uses the tramline as a leading line, enhanced but the shallow depth of field that creates some nice bokeh from the tram’s headlights. The tight frame around the tram, showing off some of Brum’s architecture also adds to the effectiveness of the composition.”


Sam H

“It shows off the magnificent green spaces we have all around Birmingham as well as some of public artwork on display. The light streaming through the trees catching on the Sousse & Bardo memorial adds to the poignancy of this piece of sculpture and demonstrates that the photographer has an understanding of how to make the most of such fleeting conditions. Lovely work and nice to see something that isn’t just the city centre.”


Simon F

“I think this is a generally good composed image that has a nicely lit busy scene with a fair amount going on. Probably my favourite part of the city currently. I’d like to see this image without the ‘over sharpening’ in the editing (see white lines around tree leaves). Digital images don’t really need to be sharpened, so without the sharpening, I think this image would be even stronger.”


Stirling V

“I’m glad someone has submitted an image like this, as it’s not exactly the prettiest scene, but I think images like this are important as it shows part of the city in progress, people only generally want to photograph things once they are finished. The thing with images like this is that a glance a lot of people might not find it interesting, but show them this image in 10-20 years and it will stand out from the many glossy images of Selfridges and the Bullring. I think an image of Birmingham that is ‘partly finished’ will ring true for many people in the city, as it seems a modern comment on the city of Birmingham is that “it will be lovely once it’s finished!”.


Beth A

“There’s much to love about this image, from the delicate dusk pastel colours, to the reflection of beloved ‘Old Joe’ contrasting with the newer architecture of the new campus library. The scene is tied together by the addition of the human element striding between the two, linking the buildings and a reminder that Birmingham isn’t just about the architecture but the people who inhabit the city, from transient students & adopted Brummies to people who have resided here their whole lives.”


Vicky O

“Very nicely captured. Full use of the frame. Great depth of field. Draws the eye in. Very
much a reminder of the walks people have been posting online during lockdown.”


Honourable Mentions

Allen P


Lisa, Studio 44


Rebecca SW

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