01 Feb 2018

Big fish, small pond: Global brand Gymshark supports home town charity, LoveBrum

By Ashleigh Mills

Gymshark, the UK’s fastest growing fitness apparel brand, has announced it will become a Patron of the local charity, LoveBrum. Soon it will relocate its global headquarters to a new 42,000sq ft office in Solihull. The internationally-recognised brand will be returning to its roots to support LoveBrum; a charity dedicated to unearthing and funding hidden gem projects across the city.  

Starting in 2012 as a screen printing operation in a garage by former Aston University Student Ben Francis, Gymshark has transformed into a multi-million-pound company that boasted sales of £42 million in 2017. Ranked the number one fastest growing company in the UK  in 2017 by the Sunday Times Fastrack. The brand has customers in more than 170 countries across the globe as well as a five million strong social media following. With ambitious hopes for the next three years, Gymshark plans to propel sales to the £300 million mark.

Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark comments:

‘Birmingham is Gymshark’s home. It’s where we started and where we will to continue to grow to become a household sportswear brand. Its where we attended our first ever fitness expo, BodyPower back in 2013, and it is where we are creating and developing our new global headquarters for our rapidly growing team. Birmingham has enabled us to start and continue our journey to success, so we in return want to ‘give back’ to the city and community by supporting LoveBrum’

As proud advocates of Birmingham, the new partnership sees Gymshark and LoveBrum work closely together to support charities and causes that help to improve and enrich the city. Over the next 12 months, at least 40 projects will be showcased as leading the way in civic pride; focusing on everything from cleaning streets in the local community, running youth projects, and supporting health initiatives, to providing training for new bereavement councillors, helping better connect communities, and feeding the homeless. LoveBrum is all about giving ‘hidden gem’ projects that don’t get the same recognition and support as larger charities a platform to promote the amazing work they do.

Tim Andrews, Chairman and Co-Founder of LoveBrum, added:

 I’m delighted that Gymshark has chosen to support LoveBrum and joined the movement for 2018. In addition to the charitable objectives, we strive to celebrate our city and the people who make it so special. Ben and his team are a credit to Birmingham, having built a brand here that is now famous all over the world.

“Thanks to organisations like Gymshark, we can continue putting every penny raised through membership and events directly into the causes pot. This is really important to us; when the public donates, we want them to know exactly where that money goes. It’s one of the reasons we set up LoveBrum, so that we could offer transparency that larger charities can’t. Having such a high profile brand, not just nationally but internationally, is an amazing endorsement for LoveBrum and the causes that we help.”

Gymshark now joins LoveBrum’s impressive list of Patrons including Millennium Point, Wesleyan, Prologis and Resorts World. To find out more about LoveBrum, how it supports causes in the community, and how to get involved, visit lovebrum.org.uk.

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