14 Feb 2018

Best Animal Attractions in Birmingham to Visit this Half Term

By Kate Grantham

By Pav

Here at LoveBrum our theme for February is ‘animals’!  We have three great causes to vote for this month, all with an animal theme, and with half term just around the corner we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you all about some great animal-themed places to visit with your family or friends this half term!   

There are a plethora of options in and around Birmingham, or a short drive across the Midlands, and you’ll be forgiven for feeling you’re spoilt for choice.

The National Sea Life Centre

Just short walk from New Street Station in Brindley Place, the National Sea Life Centre has been a family favourite for a number of years.  They are offering some really special experiences at the moment, including ‘sleepovers’ under the sea! Available on Friday and Saturday nights, you have the opportunity to sleep in Sea Life’s ocean tunnel, with sea creatures floating all around you. Home to many sharks, they are animals that rarely sleep because in order to process oxygen, they need a consistent flow of water through their gills. Don’t be alarmed if you wake up and a shark is eyeballing you through the window!

If you’re not a fan of sharks, you’ll be pleased to know the Sea Life Centre is home to many other varieties of marine life. There’s a full list of feeding times on the National Sea Life Centre website.

Bonus Tip: For £45 per person, you can enjoy an annual pass for the Sea Life Centre, which includes unlimited entry to 13 Sea Life Centres and sanctuaries across the UK.

Tickets | Directions | Opening Times

Birmingham Conservation Wildlife Park

Located on Pershore Road near Canon Hill Park, Birmingham Conservation Wildlife Park is home to a unique collection of animals including:

  • Red Pandas – which have an average lifespan of 8 years
  • Lemurs – the term Lemur is Latin for “Spirits of the Night”
  • Otters – including the Asian Short Clawed Otter, which has a lifespan of 15-20 years
  • Monkeys – the Squirrel Monkey weekday feeding time is 1.05pm

Tickets are £6 for adults, and £3.20 for kids, under 3’s go for free!

Bonus Tip: You can sponsor an animal for 12 months for just £25, with a leaf on a tree in reception to publicly show gratitude for your support.

Top fact: Ring-Tailed Lemurs partake in in a lot of group-oriented activities, including sunning themselves with eyes half closed and in an outstretched arms position, resembling a meditation pose. Like the collaborative efforts of the Lemur, we’ve provided information on tickets, directions and opening times just for you, below.

Tickets | Directions | Opening Times

Balsall Heath City Farm

This city farm is such a delightful place to visit and is open to the public between 9am and 3.30pm seven days a week. The farm opened in 1980 with just a few chicks and is now home to a wide array of animals including geese, goats, rabbits, sheep, turkeys and cats.  There is also a picnic area to bring food, as well as a play area too.

Bonus Tip: Entry is absolutely FREE.

Additional Information: Sheep usually travel in large flocks. No matter how big or small your own flock of little lambs are, here is some information on how to get here.

Birmingham Tropical House

Based in Soilhull, Birmingham Tropical House is such a fun and educational experience, and is home to reptiles from every continent, and free flying birds from across the African continent. You can learn about and be inspired by the animals, and with a butterfly walk, and a meerkat section to come, the Tropical House is expanding. There’s a ‘tribe eatery’ café and even a beach for the children to play on – everything you need for an exciting and completely different day out!

Bonus Tip: Tickets are only £4, with under 3’s gaining entry for only for £2. Well worth the money for a cheap day out.

Top Fact: Some species of butterflies need air temperatures to range from 75 to 90 degrees to be able to fly.

More information can be found on the Birmingham Tropical House website.

So there you have it! There are some really interesting animal attractions in the city to visit during half term, whether you want to sleep with sea creatures in the ocean tunnel of the Sea Life Centre, or perhaps adopt an animal at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Centre. Perhaps you would like to pet some guinea pigs at Balsall Heath Farm, or maybe walk a bird trail at the Birmingham Tropical House as you dance to the ever-energetic African Music in the background. You really are spoilt for choice in Birmingham.



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