11 Apr 2022

Arts and Culture round of funding supported by Mediacom!

By Kathryn Simkiss

LoveBrum Patron, Mediacom, help people, brands and businesses unlock their growth potential through media.

As a group, they work nationally, internationally and regionally for a range of different clients – among them: UCLAN, Erdinger, New Balance, Bahlsen, Tombola, Moonpig and Hillarys.

Mediacom believe that if it puts people first, they’ll deliver better results not only for their teams, but also for their brands. They help their clients ‘see the Bigger Picture’ by supporting their needs to make immediate gains, whilst building for the future.

Read on to find out why Mediacom wanted to supported Arts and Culture:

‘We at MediaCom are excited to support and sponsor LoveBrum’s Arts and Culture month and help to showcase the amazing work done by the three chosen causes. Art and culture help to bring communities together. Both culture and art are two wonderful ways of preserving or strengthening a strong community’s sense of place, forging a personal identity, and showing our creativity. We have a strong belief in authentic representation here at MediaCom and celebrating inclusion & diversity’.

 dfPardeep Heer

Client & Planning Director + Mental Health Ally

MediaCom Birmingham

Find out more about Mediacom here:


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