About LoveBrum

LoveBrum is a registered charity that supports hidden gem projects across Birmingham

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What is LoveBrum?

LoveBrum is a registered charity that supports hidden gem projects across Birmingham that are often volunteer led and that deliver real change, with outcomes that can be seen, measured, enjoyed, and loved.

We support the ‘hard-to-reach’ projects; those causes that do not receive the platform or funding that they probably deserve. We aim to support over 36 projects per year, and to reach out to all corners of our city to remind people how great Birmingham is.

Every penny raised from individual memberships and fundraising stays in Birmingham and goes straight to the chosen causes. We encourage everyone to get involved and unite businesses and individuals across Birmingham.

Birmingham. Let’s Do This.

What we Do

To vote for your favourite cause, you need to be a LoveBrum member.

Our members vote every month on the cause they feel is most in need of valuable funding. Any causes that don’t win are allowed to feature on LoveBrum again so eventually everyone gets the funding they need. If you’re already a member you can click here to vote today!

You sign up to become a LoveBrum member, giving you the power to vote on your favourite cause and a host of benefits. Find out more about membership benefits here.

At the start of each month, three new local causes seeking funding go live and LoveBrum members vote for their favourite.

At the end of the month, the winning cause is announced and they receive valuable much needed funding, and 12 month’s business and marketing support.

What we do


The LoveBrum board of Trustees are a diverse group of Brummies (or adopted Brummies) from various working sectors within the West Midlands.  They all want to see change for a better Brum and each offer their expertise and knowledge to strategically develop the charity.

Tim Andrews

Rebecca Simkiss

PJ Ellis

James McHugh

Richard Paterson

Joanna Seabright

Andy Whelan


Our small team at LoveBrum HQ are an active and diverse ship, consisting of some fantastic drivers to keep the charity running smoothly.  They head up our causes selection and funding process, ensure you’re getting the most out of your membership, actively support fundraisers, manage events and much more!

Kathryn Simkiss - Head Of Operations

Linzie Phillips - Administrator


If you live in Birmingham, you’ve probably seen a fair few people wearing their red LoveBrum badges with pride. These heroic people are LoveBrum ambassadors and very generously give their time and expertise to spread the LoveBrum word to help us have the biggest positive impact on Birmingham’s local charitable economy.


Our community of members is what makes LoveBrum such a powerful force for positive change in the city. Every single LoveBrum member plays a part in making Birmingham even better and spreading the LoveBrum word. As well as voting on live causes, our LoveBrum members attend our networking and fundraising events to help LoveBrum grow.


We want you to be a part of LoveBrum. Individual membership for the year costs just £20 and all of your money will go directly to supporting local Birmingham causes that are doing amazing things in our city. We also offer corporate and patron memberships for employers looking to give back to the local community. Get involved and show the world you LoveBrum!

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