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The Wellbeing Community Choir

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The Wellbeing Community Choir takes an holistic approach to promoting and maintaining good mental health through singing. It is a choir open to the whole community though aimed at supporting individuals, suffering with, or recovering from a mental illness – it’s appeal is universal.

What is The Wellbeing Community Choir?

Whilst open to everyone the choir aims to help people suffering from mental health illnesses, as well as their carers, friends and family to sing in order to help with their recovery and integrating those that have been isolated, back into society. The choir also aims to reduce mental health stigma by singing at local community events, and also at hospital sites around Birmingham to take music to those that are unable to access it such as those in secure units or dementia Wards. The choir has been going for 6 years supporting over 150 members since starting in Ladywood, Birmingham, which has shown a high prevalence for depression. For many members it is their only form of social interaction or structured activity during the week and attending the choir helps them open up their emotions by sharing feelings of their own lives; for instance low self ­esteem and loneliness all through the joy of song.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The Wellbeing Community Choir lost their council funding some time ago. If successful the LoveBrum funding would go towards the rental costs for the choir’s venues. It would provide them with a much needed life line and ensure they can continue their work for another two years.

Where can people go to find out more about The Wellbeing Community Choir?

For more information about The Wellbeing Community Choir, please contact:

Keeley Anne Evans, Treasurer
Tel: 0784 192 4289
You can find out more about The Wellbeing Community Choir by visiting their Website.
The Wellbeing Community Choir is also on Facebook.

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