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COPE Mental Health Foundation

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Based in Handsworth, COPE is made up of a small group of mental health working professionals who recognised the gaps in the delivery of mental health support, and who strive to improve individual, family and community lives.

What is COPE Mental Health Foundation?

Founded in 1995, COPE Mental Health Foundation provides community ­based mental health support. They work with individuals and families experiencing mental health issues, in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Birmingham. They look to create a meaningful partnership with the people they support, hoping to strengthen and empower them again and give people the emotional resilience that they need to be independent in life. COPE provide a wide range of life skills to encourage independence through support that is safe, of high quality and achieves the best outcomes for the individual and families such as support forums, allowing them to socialise with people facing similar challenges them, employment training and even gardening and growing your own vegetables.

COPE want to raise awareness of Mental Health Illnesses in the Birmingham Community by working with individuals and their families to reduce social barriers and discrimination and inequalities around Mental Health.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Unfortunately, in October 2013 their building on Hamstead Road suffered a serious fire. Through hard work and a lot of fundraising, most of their building has now been restored, but COPE would like to provide supported living accommodation for its members that it supports. If successful in securing the funding, COPE are looking to furnish one of the accommodation units – this will include a bed, storage unit, desk and chair, and will offer a person suffering from mental health illness a safe place to live and all the support they need to make a successful recovery.

Where can people go to find out more about COPE Mental Health Foundation?

For more information about COPE, please contact:
Heather Clarke, Vice Chair.
Tel: 07875008661
You can find out more about COPE Mental Health Foundation by visiting their Website.

COPE Mental Health Foundation  is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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