Application for funding

Details about you

Details about your cause

The type of organisation. This might already be a charity, or a not for profit company. It might be a club, association, youth group, church or some other organisation. It might be just be you personally, working with some friends. Tell us.

We don't need the whole history, just when you started, and any major milestones

Are you part of an organised group?

Your project

Explain as simply as possible what's going wrong, or not happening that you want to make better, or help people cope with.

What will you, or others involved actually do with the money.

How do you choose or find the people you're trying to help?
How do you promote or market your cause at the moment?

We need to know where you’re doing this, and where those who benefit live and take part. This needs to have a Birmingham post code.

Who actually does the work, or helps to makes things happen? How many people are involved, and how did you find them?

Funding details

Outline how you’re actually going to use the money. If the money will be going to pay people, tell us who and what they will be doing. Be specific. £200 on printed materials, £300 on a website and £500 on a member of staff to run marketing

What are the current sources of funding for your cause? If you’re a startup, then just tell us that, but if you’ve been going for some time, what are your main sources of funds?

Will you be able to do something without the money? What alternative sources of funds are you trying for?